An old man wandering around asking for Anna.


Absent minded in his old age. White hair, bearded.


Nikolai was once an adventurer, but settled down when he met Anna. He bought a little house in Barovia and things seemed fine. Until one day, Anna went out to pick berries and never returned.
For 15 years, Nikolai wasted away spending all his time searching for her, until he grew too old to leave the city. Now he simply wanders the streets asking if anyone has seen her. He only remembers that she left to pick berries.
When told that his wife, Anna, is in the woods, he will leave immediately to find her. Unfortunately, the journey is too much for him and he dies near where Anna appears. His spirit, as himself when he was young, can be witnessed reuniting with Anna. They thank the party and leave to the afterlife together.


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