Son of the Burgomeister. Seeking help.


Tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He seems like a seasoned adventurer.


Ismark is the son of the Burgomeister in Barovia. He is seeking someone to take his adopted sister, Ireena to Vallaki for her protection. He knows Strahd has been visiting her, and knows he is trying to make her a vampire. (He does not know that she has already become one) He hopes she will be safe in the protected town.
His goals will change when he discovers his father has died. He will ask the party to help him take the body to the church as there are haunting screams coming from there.
After this, he will assume the role of Burgomeister of Barovia. Knowing he can no longer leave town, he will plead with the party to take Ireena with them to Vallaki.
Later, he will have locked up a Vistani, Davy, for the suspected murder of Igor the Gravedigger.


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