Ireena is not what she seems.


A beautiful girl, with dark flowing hair. Her skin is pale and cold.


Ireena was made a vampire by Strahd, thinking she would be his wife, believing she is Tatanya from his past. She is, but her love for Sergi protected her. She is not aware of this or of her past life. She has only recently come back to the city of Barovia upon hearing her adopted father was ill. She is mostly at Castle Ravenloft, as she has now taken Tanya, the innkeeper’s daughter, and made her a vampire to live with her there.
Her adopted brother, Ismark, wants her to go to the church in Vallaki to be safe. She cannot enter the church while it is under the protection of the Bones of St. Andral.
Ireena was taking care of her adopted father when he passed away. Ismark was out looking from someone to take her away when this happened. Ireena will not go to the church in town as she cannot enter, though she does want her “father” taken to the church. She does know of the screams coming from the church.


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