A handsome gypsy from the nearby Vistani camp.


A good looking, colorfully dressed gypsy. He wears an open white shirt with a salmon colored scarf tied around his waste.


Davy is from the nearby Vistani Camp. He has recently been visiting the tavern to spy on the people, but most importantly on Ismark and Ireena. The characters become a better target once they arrive, but he stays to himself in the corner.
He will be seen near the graveyard, “borrowing” some corn from the nearby field; that is what gets him to be suspected of murdering Igor and thrown in jail.
If the party absolve him of the crime, he is most grateful and tells them he has been watching them and that the Madam Eva is most interested in meeting them. He will tell them where the Vistani camp is and that they are welcome there anytime.


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