Anna is Nikolai's wife. She died a long time ago.


Anna is a spirit. Her face is young as she died young.


Anna married Nikolai at a young age, and all was well until she was killed while looking for berries in the forest. She was killed by wild wolves that have long since moved on and died.
Her spirit still remains not knowing that she is dead nor her own name.
She will talk about being cold, being lost, not being able to remember anything. She doesn’t want to be left alone. If the party asks her to follow them, she tries, but reappears back where she was found. If told she is a ghost, she cries No and disappears. A dark spirit appears and attacks. After it is defeated, she will reappear and remember.
She was walking home when she was chased, she fell and everything went black.

Once reunited with Nikolai she will thank the party and vanish into the afterlife.


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