Yuri Markov

Older grizzled owner of the Tavern.


White haired, bushy mustache, always smoking a pipe. Blue velvet doublet in the classic style.


He is the owner of the Blood on the Vine Tavern and Inn. His wife, Bella, cooks the food. They had a daughter, Tanya, but she went missing months ago. They have all but given up hope of seeing her again. They will not talk about her unless someone brings it up.
Yuri knows the local rumors and folklore.
He also knows about about Nikolai and Anna, from when he was much younger. He remembers the story of how Anna went in search of berries and never returned.
He doesn’t trust the Vistani. He is not as distrusting of other strangers as the commoners who frequent his tavern.
He has only one other occupant out of the four rooms available; a gnome that goes by the name of Punny Bones.

Yuri Markov

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