The barovian gravedigger. Humpbacked and eccentric.


Humpback, but pleasant. His appearance scares off most villagers, but he has a good heart and likes to tell jokes.


Igor is the town gravedigger. He works and lives at the church graveyard. He made a little shack in the back and the Bishop allows him to stay, and even feeds him for digging graves, which happen far more often than the villagers would like.
He keeps to himself, but talks to those who enter the graveyard, trying to make jokes that usually come out a bit morbid.
Serving as the gravedigger, he hears all sorts of rumors and has seen some dark things. Each night the spirits of the dead rise and march forth to Castle Ravenloft. Igor is terrified of these spirits even though they have never hurt him or even noticed him. He makes sure he is always locked in his hut before midnight and won’t come out until morning.
While digging a grave for the Burgomeister, he will fall in and the headstone will fall over covering the hole when a loud thunder crash and lightning flash coming from Castle Ravenloft shakes the whole village. No one will notice he is missing until the next day, and the villagers will accuse a Vistani in town of the “murder” and throw him in the town jail. If the party investigate the graveyard, they will hear a muffled sound from the gravesite and can rescue Igor from certain death.
The party will earn Igor’s gratitude and calm down the villagers. The Vistani, Davy, will also be grateful.


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