Bella Markov

Plump wife of Yuri and cook at the tavern.


Bella is much younger than her husband and her plumpness makes her look even younger. She has rosy cheeks and a round figure. She wears a bonnet in her hair and wears traditional dress. She is always smiling though it hides a sadness.


Bella married Yuri when she was still quite young, and he much older as he was a friend of her father’s. Her parents wanted her to be taken care of and Yuri is one of the few able to make a good living in this place. Her abilities as a cook made it a good match as she now makes the meals for the guests of the tavern.
She tries to always show a cheerful face, but is very suspicious and tells others to be careful. She has recently “decorated” the entire common room in garlic. Most of her meals are made with garlic as well, though they are masterful dishes.
She misses her daughter, Tanya, terribly, but won’t mention it unless it is brought up. All she knows is that Tanya had an imaginary friend named Toby she was always talking about, and one day a doll showed up in her room. Bella was terrified someone was visiting her daughter and took the doll away. Tanya disappeared the next night.

Bella Markov

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