Secret War

Ruins of Zhentir Part II

After squashing some giant centipedes the party found themselves surprised by hordes of ghouls hiding out in what used to be a body preparation room. Moving on from their, Iados quietly crept over coffin lids of wood and stone and found the crematorium; urns and a great furnace with arcane runes on it. Kroog discovered that a being was bond to the furnace. Inside was a straight wooden staff. Iados was pulled in and set on fire by a Efreeti. At the offer of three wishes the party released it, but he laughed and left. Rhygar discovered a secret door behind the urns, and got himself a Staff of Striking.
Behind the secret door lay a room untouched for 500 years. A gleaming great sword lay undisturbed, though it spoke to Kroog’s mind. Upon taking it up, a contest of wills was fought between it, Smiter, and his own berserker sword.
Two more secret doors later, the party entered a cavern and fought off a large contingent of duergar. Casca summoned a guardian in the form of a dragon and light burned those duergar nearby. The leader laughed as the rest escaped stating that the Godson would soon rise. Down the hall at an intersection, a red glow and chanting lay to the north, fluttering wings and clanking metal to the east, and whimpering to the south. The party went south and found the captives. Before they could act, they were attacked by a Bone Devil. Using great strength, Kroog grabbed the devil and forced it to the ground. Rhygar trapped it in thorns tearing at its body over and over as it sought to destroy Kroog to no avail with Iados piercing it with magical sword and dagger. Much to its own surprise it was defeated without ever being able to move.
Summoning Dirge, he created a teleportation circle to take the people all away. Before finishing, they were discovered and undead flooded the passageway. Kroog, now wielding the cursed Smiter, and Rhygar as a dire wolf stood in the way. Wave after way came. Iados led the prisoners through the portal, and just then, a female wielding a morningstar appeared and threw down a blade barrier, cutting off half the circle and slaughtering Kroog. Casca seeing this, pulled him from the blades and uttered a desperate prayer to the gods with next to no chance of being heard. But heard she was. The old hag appeared and revealed her true form as Mystra. Kroog was completely healed and charged through the blades, grabbing the woman and knocking her into her own spell. The blades vanished and the two exchanged blows. This servant of the Godson cursed Kroog, who left her with a parting shot as he retreated back once everyone had gone through the portal. The earth shook in rage, and the dark form with green eyes floated toward them cursing the loss of sacrifices. He is Iyactu Xvim, Godson of Bane.
As the earth torn asunder, Kroog was torn between trying to save Smiter or fleeing with Casca. In the end, his heart won out and he left the sword to be buried in the waste of the underground ancient keep.



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