Secret War

Ruins of Zhentir Part I

Party on way to Zhentil Keep, or rather the ruins. Encounter highwaymen roughing up some merchants. Merchants reward party for helping them, then offer them 2,000 gp each for freeing their kin in Zhentil Keep.

A couple of giants and a white dragon stand in the way, and after a “strategic” retreat, a wall of thorns, an air elemental, and some heavy hitting take them down.
Once inside the keep, or what is still standing on the southern shore, the party heads to the Defiant Gesture and a drunken half-elf named Tellurain offers to guide the party to the tunnels where the kidnapped victims are. A mysterious lady keeps following the party only to disappear when approached. Eventually she delivers a message, as the voice of Mystra, “They quest is just, though ye know not what ye do. Accept no other-stray not from thy duties, lest ye confront your inevitable bane!”
Behind a frozen ship lie the tunnels. The party falls asleep to a Sign Spell, but awake to meet a friendly wizard named Dirge. He fills the party in on some info about the sewers and ancient rooms that are hidden here. He gives the party a sending stone and tells them they can call him forth if the need is dire.
After getting lost in the tunnels, the party finds a room full of statues. Krough nearly becomes one of them, but is saved by Casca’s Death Ward. A medusa and a gorgon are defeated and a magical dagger is found.
They make it back to the main tunnels and discover a secret passage behind a wall of vines (which the druid could have just asked them about). Giant centipedes fall on Iados and Rhygar as they pass through the vines.



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