Secret War

Harried in Hillsfar

Prophecy of old crazy man leads the party to the outskirts of Hillsfar, which you learn has ejected all non-humans from the city. Strange things are happening, woman having sextuplets each with an extra digit on each hand and foot, goat having six kids with red fun and one with two heads. Giant beats at the Farbough Farms, along with an Underdark disease . Jackalweres infesting the forest near the Spring of Blessed Life. A faerie dragon named Zook decided to stay around Casca to protect this innocent. Rothe’s being turned into undead beasts by a cult to Jergal. A poor innocent priest being possessed by a shadow and then killed by Rhygar and Iados. A Goristro being summoned successfully by an elf who discovered the ancient fey’ri (elf/demon hybrids) but died for his efforts. The party has the respect of the villagers surrounding Hillsfar, and the Red Plum Guards are a bit wealthier after taking all of Krugh’s treasure; and a bit of animosity remains between the party and them.



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